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Erica's Fairy Forest


A walk made for people with small feet and big imaginations. For those of us with bigger feet and perhaps smaller imaginations, Erica’s Fairy Forest will be a brief excursion. Located only 23km from Hotel Kilmore it is a boundless space to be explored on timeless wings on imagination.

The serene walking trail is populated by a colourful cast of resident fairies, with plenty of tiny doors, hobbit houses and whimsical displays that change with the seasons.

If you believe in fairies
Come take a trip with me
To Erica's Fairy Forest
Full of love and magic you will see

The forest is full of fairies
One in every tree
Along with the woodland creatures
It's the happiest place to be!

Fairies with their tiny wings
Fly from tree to tree
And if you look closely
you might see them flying on a bumblebee

The sound of birds singing
Will fill your heart with glee
A little piece of Erica
Inside of every tree

A fairy forest that will stand forever
Until the end of time
Full of magical adventures
for your family and for mine